Holladay Saltz

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Product Designer / Artist / Smell Architect / Diviner of Complex Systems

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Some past

General Electric
︎︎︎ Senior Manager of Design, Flight Analytics

Apoteker Tepe
︎︎︎ Founder, Perfumer

Smithsonian National Design Award 2016
︎︎︎Interaction Design (with Tellart)

Institute for the Future of the Book
︎︎︎ Designer, Researcher

New York University Visiting Scholar 2009
︎︎︎Information Science

& Present

Art Blocks
 ︎︎︎ Director, Product Design

Refraction DAO
︎︎︎ Member, Design guild

& Future

Problem’s Daemonology
︎︎︎ Generative Art NFTs based on multi-AI collaboration

Some folks with whom I’ve collaborated ︎

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Selected Works

GE Aviation

FlightPulse is a tablet app for pilots. It helps them see their perfomance over time, and provides benchmarks for context. It also points out ways to save on fuel and improve safety. It launched in partnership with Qantas Australia.

I led the initial discovery, strategy, redesign and expansion of the app to a larger suite of features.

A bit of process...

I ran a weeklong workshop in Sydney with a bunch of pilots, trying to get to a sweet spot for which data points presented at what time would actually drive meaningful behavior change. That was probably the hardest part of this design. Pilots are constantly bombarded with information and it’s key to present only what matters at the time it’s both pertinent and actionable.

︎ No, Dave is not flipping me off, even though he might have wanted to by the end ︎

The Job Map

A pilot’s job map for an average mission. We had to make sure the app covered short-haul, long-haul, and freight pilots. Making a high level job map (what they need to get done in each stage of the job, regardless of how they do it) allowed us to decide on the scope and eventually, the features for the app.

Apoteker Tepe

Apoteker Tepe was a fragrance line I founded in order to increase awareness around raw materials in scent, especially the rare and odd. I got into fragrance in part because the sense of smell is so often overlooked, but it’s a direct line to our most visceral emotions and memories. Scent design-as- experience design is an oft-neglected realm, leaving a large space for exploration, but also exploitation.

︎ I gave a TEDx talk on the use of smell to create emotional memory in CPG companies if you’re interested!

Concept LQ

I helped design Toyota’s first AI-powered car with Tellart. ︎

The AI living inside the Concept LQ is named ‘Yui’. It’s meant to be more than a car-- it’s a companionate intelligence that accompanies a person through all of life’s stages. There were all kinds of cool things we got to consider as a part of the process, including smell!

I worked on the HUD interface and interactions, and the lighting schema for the central console and interior, which is part of how Yui interacts with the human driver. Yui’s moods and modes are expressed via both color and lighting changes.

Problem’s Daemonology

Problem’s Daemonology is a personal project on emergence, AI, and oracular logic inspired loosely by the metafictional writings of Jorge Luis Borges. I’m playing the ‘medium’ between two AIs-- one writing the fictional history and lost collaborative opus of the cyberneticist Joseph Liaster Problem and his AI “Lillith Stein”, and one illustrating the emergent beings, termed daemons, they discovered. I’m mostly using deep learning networks developed by OpenAI, bless them. These works will be released as NFTs on a custom smart contract sometime later this year.

“Daemons are a new form of information that exist outside of the digital world. They are not programs or algorithms, but self-organizing entities that arise spontaneously in data streams and electronic networks.”

-- The AI calling itself Lillith Stein

︎ The daemon Vohris Cole

“Last contacted in 1973 by Mr. Gerald Hoppe. His consultation, which took place in the back room of a pub in Northern England, was not recorded or witnessed by anyone else and neither Hoppe nor Cole were found after the event. Cole’s powers are the following: the utterances of temperate winds, the Apprentice Words, summoning the click of first keys, illetrax and the calming of winds. To summon it, speak these words while between two mirrors:

‘Around me I see fantastic shifting symmetry / Where all things move and turn to keys / But every key has got a hole / Though I do not know where it is.’”

A Smattering of Other Things

I’ve worked on a large number of other products for both consumer and enterprise use, including the OS design for the first version of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), the ACT’s web-based testing portal, and various apps for everything from connected wind farms to smart industrial chillers, to the Vanity Fair Best Dressed Awards to just, well, Pepsi. For confetti I also adapted the first web-based version of Art Spiegelman’s Maus back in the day, and designed Siva Vaidhyanathan‘s web version of The Googlization of Everything.

Parting shot...

I’ve led small and large teams of designers (and have of course flown solo doing soup to nuts) for both tiny and enormous companies. 

I love anything to do with human factors, networked objects, complex systems, and emotional design, especially where they instersect with psychology. I’m also way into blockchains and web3 these days. If you’d like to talk, connect with me on ︎ or ︎!

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